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Posted by Christine on May 11, 2011 in Kids |

Karma was a bitch yesterday.

Brett called me when he got out of work and told me he was no longer going home to cut the grass, instead he was sitting waiting for a tow truck as one of his tires had gone completely flat. AWESOME.

Since Brett would have to wait with his car, I was running pick-up duty. I left work and got to sit in construction traffic for 45 minutes before I even went 5 miles. I strongly contemplated opening my driver side door and pushing it into each and every single cone. I resisted the urge. By the time I actually got to pick up Cardin it was after 6 and she had already had something to eat.

TANGENT: this baby swing was at my mom’s house and Cardin decided to become a squater. It’s ridiculous that a 2 and half year old can fit into a babies swing with such ease and actually make use of it.

Brett was able to get the tire fixed instead of replacing the rubber (haha…no pun intended). I packed up Cardin’s things and we headed home….except for one minor mishap. When we came outside there was a bunny that we started chasing (yes I realize this is teaching bad behavior, I’m over it). The bunny ran away and we happily ran to the car. While I was buckling Cardin into her carseat, she starting the infamous gag/cough syndrome. Listen lady, it was all I could do to try and unbuckle the carseat harness as fast as possible. My little hands fumbling, becoming sweaty with fear of a vomit filled car. 

Then it happened. It spat out of her mouth and down the front of her. In spectuclar fashion, she aslo managed to get some INTO my purse which was below her feet. I did my best to catch as much as possible with my sleeve, but it was a futile task.

SOOOOO…we got out of the car, changed clothes, and then I got to try to wash out my car and carseat. Lovely end to the evening.

This morning when I left for work, the stall puke smell hit me right between the eyes. I’m really looking forward to the smell after work, especially since it has been festering in the sun for 9 hours now. I RULE.

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