Photag in the making

Posted by Christine on June 29, 2011 in Kids |

We spent the weekend in Pittsburgh and I’m convincedwe have a Photag in the making; Cardin refused to dislodge her hands from her pretend camera for those 48 hours. She spent all day Saturday taking pictures of all her “animal friends” at the zoo. I’m all for expressing her creative energy through art, except that she was reminiscent of a Japanese tourist in that she took about 100 pictures per second. It’s a good thing this camera is pretend, but I’m glad that life is digital now, at least we won’t spend her college savings on prints.

We were also having a hell of a time trying to express to her that in order to take a picture you need to hold the camera up to your eye and look through the viewfinder….instead she’d hold the camera up to her forehead and then snap her shot. Listen Lady, that may work for cyclops, but it an’t going to fly in your future.

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