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Posted by Christine on June 9, 2011 in Shopping |

The last two weeks have been spent with a naked wrist and in a dazed state as to the actual time of day because my watch took a dive off the deep end on me. I’m pretty rough on my watches and I’m really particular on the type of watch style I will wear, so to find a new one has been something of a quest.

First off, I hate shopping so to get me to the mall is a rare feat. I really am in need of an item if I go to the store. I’m more of an online shopper;all about the free shipping BITCHES. And then, to have to walk around to all these stores, without a purpose and just browse their selection of crappy watches is not unlike being a fat kid teethered to a treadmill in the middle of cheesecake factory; unable to eat any of the desserts. TORTURE. 

See Internet, most people would consdier me an upside-down watch wearer. That is, I wear my watch so the face of it is on the inside of my wrist. I don’t really know why I started this; I just think its more comfy. Because I wear my watch this way, the face of the watch naturally absorbs more wear from tabletops and desks, especially when I type on the computer. Ya know….when I blog or work….which is basically all the time. I’m proud to admit that I’ve actually worn holes in the watch face from so much use.

I’m digital all the way. I can tell time off a regular clock, but it takes me a good 2 minutes and by then the time has changed so really what good is it. I don’t like the cheap-o plastic bands. They break easily and let’s be honest folks, people sweat. OH YES, I JUST WENT THERE. Normal humans sweat and then it gets all nasty up under your watch band and nobody wants to deal with that.

A few years ago somebody decided to start slapping the velcro bands on watches. Apparently someone thinks this is stylish. Listen lady, it’s not. A) velcro is for children who cannot tie their shoes and B) for old men who have arthritis. NOBODY IN BETWEEN. PERIOD. Not to mention, the little velcro edges get caught on all sorts o’shit. Shirts, sweaters, small children. It’s better if we just remove velcro from the situation all together.

Which leaves just a basic canvas wrist band with a traditional buckle and small digital,  face. Apparently that is not made anymore…..except if you buy it off amazon. Which is where I should have started shopping in the first place and avoided the whole nightmare of the mall.

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