What a difference a year makes…

Posted by Christine on June 30, 2011 in Family |

The Pittsburgh Zoo has a display that shows you the heights of different species of Elephants. You can stand next to the display and take a picture. Since we visited this zoo two years in a row we stood Cardin next to the display so we could get a height difference. For how petite she is in stature, the kid is actually growing.

On the right is 2010, Cardin is 1.5                 On the left is 2011, Cardin is 2.5

Unfortunately for Cardin, she’ll  never reach much above the 5 foot mark. It’s a common trait among the females in our family. At this rate she should expect to stop growing sometime within the next 6 years. Shrinking begins at age 75.

Listen Lady, just be grateful you have a full head of hair. The males pass along a gene that is far worse in fate….shiny tops.

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