Wooden Jihadist Weasel Part Deux

Posted by Christine on June 7, 2011 in Kids |

Lady…..we are still working on putting together the WOODEN JIHADIST WEASEL!!!! Before we left for our mini vacation, we were able to get 1 bajillion pieces sealed with the Thompson’s water sealer from hell that takes 48 hours to dry PER SIDE.

Once we got back we started going through the novel that is referred to as the instruction book. Holy hell people, I should have hired a contractor to put this together. Each board was referenced in the following manner. Attach A11 to B15 using Hex Bolt S7.

Except, none of the pieces were labeled.  Which means…oh that’s right, you guessed it Lady, we got to spend an entire day measuring each piece of wood and labeling it. And since the wood was still tacky from all that water sealant I slopped onto it, the tape didn’t even want to stick.

After we finally got all the boards measured and the hardware sorted out, we were able to begin construction. Unfortunately, things have been a little slow in the contractor area as we’ve been hampered by a 2 year old weilding a screwdriver; running at you full speed as though she were in a jousting match, screaming “LET ME DO THAT!” Brett has tended to move the family jewels out of the way of these forthcoming sharp objects.

We’ve been able to get together one of the slide platforms and the roof for the clubhouse. By far, my favorite part of the construction was putting together the weathervane for the top of the clubhouse roof.


Maybe we’ll have it together by the end of the summer…

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