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Posted by Christine on July 27, 2011 in Kids |

Remember the time we went to Columbus for the weekend and Cardin provided us the opportunity to purchase a new car seat and get the inside of Brett’s car cleaned? Oh, you forgot Internet, because I’m sitll having flashbacks….let’s refresh.

While we were vacationing in Columbus we stayed at the Embassy Suites and were on the 3rd floor of the hotel, requiring us to take the elevator up to our room. This was Cardin’s first real experience with an elevator where she was actually walking on and off it herself and she was quite hesitant with the minor gap that exists between the door and floor.

The first few times she needed some major prompting even to cross the threshold of the elevator. Even after that, she would take an exaggerated step over the gap just to make sure that she didn’t fall down the small 2 inch gap. Being the ever mindful mother, I decided it was in her best interest if I really proliferated her anxiety of this gap. Each time we’d get on or off the elevator I’d be sure to be all “OK Cardin, Step Over”. Sure enough she’d take one giant leap for mankind over the gap. Listen Lady, there are few times where you get to intentionally screw with your kids, I was certaintly not missing such a harmless opportunity.


I’m sure that someday, when she’s a 30 year old executive, working in some fancy downtime NYC law firm, dressed to the nines, she’ll be waiting to board an elevator and as the doors slide open it will be jammed packed with people. I imagine a cold sweat will start to bead on her brow as her anxiety rises and she hears my voice chim in the back of her head “OK Cardin, Step Over”. She’ll wonder “how will I mind the gap with so many bodies in the way?” I’m sure I’ve ruined her forever. I’m ok with it. That’s what therapy is for.

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