Procreation Failure

Posted by Christine on July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized |

The past couple days have given me great reflection on the rules of procreation, thanks in great part to the Casey Anthony trial. I’ve steered away from watching much of the trial, mostly because it was too disturbing for me to even consider the option of losing my child.

This trial has only strengthened my resolve for the fact that certain people should not be allowed to breed. I was unsurprised by the verdict yesterday as it was returned so quickly; and I did mention to a couple of co-workers, “watch, she’ll get out and want to have another baby now”.


LISTEN LADY, is there going to be a certain time length you wait before you report the next kid missing???? At least wait a couple days while the dust settles down from your trial before you go shooting your mouth off about needing a sperm donation. First OJ, now Casey. Hide Yo Wives, Hide Yo Kidz….what’s next people???

It is unacceptable to me that certain people have children. I’m required to pass tests to drive a car, graduate from high school, get into college, enter into the armed services, but any holly humdrum can spread eagle and spawn a genetic mutant of themselves without so much as a means to pay for food and nobody thinks twice about it.

Perhaps we should consider a parenting license. Simple questions really, like…should you kill your child? Should you report your child missing? Should you make up a random babysitter and lie to police about where your kid is? I suppose if you can answer these correctly than we can grant you a license.

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