Brett’s gonna kill me…

Posted by Christine on August 5, 2011 in Kids |

Cardin’s imagination is growing by the day. Lately she has taken to crawling around on her hands and knees and pretending she is a cat; she will then meow incessantly which is not at all annoying. The other day she put on a duck mask and was walking around the house quaking. She’d stop on occasion and look at one of us and say “I’m a duck”, in case we were bewildered with the noise.

While I was cleaning up the dishes the other night, Brett was playing with Cardin and she decided to put the duck mask on him. I snapped the quickest of pictures and I’m putting it up here for proper documentation. HE’LL HATE ME FOREVER FOR DOING THIS. Listen Lady, I don’t really care, it’s too good to not divulge to my loyal following and I think it’s cute that he puts aside his dignity to wear a duck mask every once and awhile. 



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