Lake days

Posted by Christine on August 9, 2011 in Family, Kids |

These pictures are a little dated now but I thought I’d share some of our summer fun. We spent a day on Conesus lake awhile back and Cardin loved the water and the boat. She was all “BOAT MOMMY”. There was no fear in her eyes and her sea legs were better than mine. She leaned over the side and told me not to hold her life jacket as we hit one bump after another.

Listen Lady, when we’re legally able to share a drink together you can be the decider of whether or not someone holds your life jacket….until then, I get to decide.  And I will not be switching to hold your hair at that point. That’s what friends are for. I, of course, would know nothing of this. I read the bible during college; every night.

Later that night we stayed for fireworks….that was a mistake. We’d been prepping the shit out of her for days.

Mommy: we’re going to see fireworks soon!
Cardin: I no like ‘irewor’
Mommy: it’s ok. They aren’t scary. They are just a little loud. And if you don’t like it, just cover your ears, like this.

Wherein I demonstrated how to plug your ears. This was a mistake. You see lady, Cardin is not dumb, in fact she’s really smart and she took the whole “and if you don’t like it, just cover your ears” and ran with it.  I mean she didn’t just trot with this, she sprinted to the southern tip of Florida and back. Now she covers her ears for anything she doesn’t like; including things coming out of my mouth. Like direction or behavior modification (let’s not kid ourselves…that’s really punishment).

I really shot myself in the foot with the whole try and explain shit to your kids at a level they might understand thing.

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