More Crack than a Plumber

Posted by Christine on August 15, 2011 in Home |

Remember that whole “bad shit happens in threes”?  I think we’re finally out of our rut Internet.  Listen Lady, you recall Fridgemageddon and then we Dropped it Like its Hot. Well about 3 days after we replaced the hot water heater we came home to find a pool of water on the kitchen floor in front of the dishwasher. A quick search inside and it appeared that the dishwasher blew a gasket.

Let me tell you, after the redoing the bathroom window, the front landscape, fixing the fridge, and replacing the hot water tank, this lady was also blowing a gasket as we were WAY over our summer budget spending. There was no way I was calling a repair man for this job, we were fixing this dishwasher come hell or high water; I would show my own plumbers crack if needed.

Brett found a youtube video of how to replace the gasket and we made some calls to local repair shops in search of parts. Of course nobody had the gasket we needed in stock so we would need to order it. In speaking with the nice appliance people, they also informed me that more often than not the baffles need to be replaced as well. BAFFLED YET???? These pieces go on the side of the door and direct the water flow back into the dishwasher. PEACHY. How about I just use some caulk, would that work? No?

So I went onto the local big box store and ordered the appliance parts we needed. Except I had a momentary lapse in dumbness and I ordered two left handed baffles, because it seemed through the description and picture that they were interchangeable on either side of the dishwasher.  I paid 6 bucks in shipping and we waited a week for all these lovely parts to arrive happily at our door.

Fast forward to last week a when the parts finally arrived. Brett tires to put the baffles in and finds that they are, in fact, not interchangeable. AWESOME.  Not only did I get to pay for shipping once, I got to pay for shipping TWICE. Oh yes sir, and then I got to pay to ship the extra baffle back. I was overflowing with joy and happiness at my own stupidity at this point and banking on another week of hand washing dishes. Which was extra special since I felt like June Cleaver except I was also required to work 50 hours at my normal job.

Luckily the right handed baffle arrived much quicker than anticipated and Brett was able to get the dishwasher fixed and in working order this weekend. Cardin helped him the whole time. We are now able to run a load of dishes without the resulting swimming pool on our kitchen floor.

Perhaps the Karma gods felt that we were coming up to our 5 year anniversary in the house and they needed to shit on us all at once. In response Karma gods, I deem us fulfilled for a year of all appliance and house repair. Nothing else is allowed to crap out or die. I want to go on vacation and eat mickey bars. Capiche?

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