The cave of wonders

Posted by Christine on August 12, 2011 in Kids |

Positives of working from home:

-really short commute
-its not necessary that I brush my teeth
-bras are completely optional

Negatives of working from home:

-Pinocchio playing incessantly in the background will drive anyone mad after 5 days.
-the house looks like a bomb exploded by about 10 am
-I hear “MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY. Come play wif me” 200 times a day

Cardin’s attention span isn’t exactly long so for her to entertain herself for an entire 8 or 9 hours while I work is quite the task. She’ll go through spans where she plays alone for awhile and then she’ll go through spans where she hovers over me like a moth to a flame. Listen lady, its not exactly easy to work with a wiggly 2 year old sitting on your lap, trying to touch every button on your laptop. The other day she managed to delete all the contents of my inbox.  

In order to entertain her, I built her a cave out of couch cushions. Trust me, it was no Taj Mahal and I’m positive the Egyptians did a better job with those pyramid things, but she was stoked beyond words that this little cave was all hers. Simple things in life, right? 

I dubbed it the cave of wonder because she actually fell asleep for me in there, which is unheard of. Normally when she is home with me she is like a pinball machine, bouncing from one end of the room to the other; refusing sleep as though she were on speed.

Thank you oh magical cave of wonder, I had silence for a good 2 hours. 

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