The Cleanse

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The other day while I was getting SAUCY! I noticed that my feet kept getting wet. Normally I’m able to make it to the bathroom in time…..Oh wait…that story is for another blog. Listen Lady, as I was making the homemade sauce I kept noticing puddles of water appearing on the floor underneath the sink but I was unsure why as there was no water running.

Time is critical in this story so I’m going to do a time series story Internet, thus allowing you to comprehend the full level of anxiety.

8:15 pm: Puddle one is discovered and wiped up. I think this is just a fluke.

8:22 pm: Puddle two is discovered. No more fluke. I’m not peeing on the floor so something must be leaking. I dig out underneath the kitchen sink and discover the trap is leaking.

8:25 pm: I call Brett over and he rolls his eyes at me like “WOMAN! WHAT OTHER APPLIANCE OR HOME REPAIR COULD WE POSSIBLY NEED TO DO NOW!”

8:28 pm: Brett retrieves his plumbers wrench. I go finish giving Cardin a bath.

8:34 pm: While bathing Cardin I hear plastic snap and then the following words come out of Brett’s mouth “CRAPPPPP”

8:37 pm: I’m all, “that sounded like an important piece in the plumbing process, Home Depot is only open until like 9, you better get moving.”

8:54 pm: My phone rings and Brett asks me if the trap seems U shaped or J shaped…………… Um………..right now it seems broken shaped. How about you buy both pieces and we’ll just return what we don’t need.

9:07 pm: Brett returns home with the associated equipment and begins plumbing repair.

9:16 pm: Brett gives the existing plumbing pipes an angioplasty. This would be the reason they tell you not to pour oil or meat fat down your drain. This is what he removed that was clogging the pipes and causing the backup. GROSS does not begin to cover it.


9:22 pm: Brett reattaches the new plumbing trap and we’re back in business. With fresh arteries to clog up again.


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