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Posted by Christine on September 21, 2011 in Kids |

Let’s be honest here folks, I lack a certain feminine quality in my life. Sure I did the whole wedding dress and I can even manage to comb my hair most mornings, but when push comes to shove, I’d choose comfort over fashion any day of the week. My jeans range from grunge to fancy. I’m OK with this fact; I consider it one of my finer qualities. Brett’s happy with it as well, especially since it means he doesn’t have to suffer the wrath of high shopping bills, long waits for me to get ready to go out, and the daily freak out over my makeup.

You can imagine that I was totally gungho to pass all of my finer feminine qualities onto Cardin when we found out we were having a girl. Listen Lady, I’ve failed miserably. The kid hates to be dirty, she loves anything sparkly or pink,  and enjoys wearing dresses (which is a complete oxymoron to me).

At this time I’d like to place blame for all this girlishness on to my mother. See Internet, my mom watches Cardin during the day so she takes her shopping, they play dress up, and have manicures. I’m convinced this is the girl my mother always wanted but never had. In fact yesterday they went shoe shopping and I was informed that Cardin tried on nearly every shoe in the store, whether they were her size or not. AND THIS IS WHAT SHE CAME HOME WITH. They even light up pink.


Princesses are her great love of life right now. We’re having a princess themed 3rd birthday party. And of course….when we go to Disney, we’re having breakfast with the princesses, but I’ll save that story for another time, right now I need to go watch some football and stop staring at all this pink.

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