Disney Bound

Posted by Christine on September 23, 2011 in Family |

A few months back, Brett and I began to make plans to take Cardin to Walt Disney World. Many people are aghast at our plans, saying “she’s too young” or “she’ll never remember it”.  And in many respects, they are right; she won’t remember the trip when she gets older. Sure, she’ll have pictures to look back at, but she won’t recall the memories. But, I fight these naysayers. Right now, the characters and princesses are real to her and to be able to view the wonder and excitement of that through her eyes is a memory that Brett and I will be able to share for a lifetime.

Originally, the plan was to head down to Disney in November of 2012 and to celebrate my 30th birthday while there. We’ve tweaked that slightly. In August of this year, Disney announced that they were extending their free dining option through March of 2012 and then we found that Southwest was running a special with their credit card. If you opened a card they’d give you a free round trip fare; all you had to pay was the annual fee of $69.

Listen Lady, there was a lot of extreme couponing going on, but we are Disney bound the last week of November where we shall ring in the final season of my twenties at the Magic Kingdom.  In all, we managed to buy 3 roundtrip airfares for $250 and get the free dining during our stay. Since Cardin will qualify to enter the park for free, we only had to pay for entry tickets for two adults. In all, we paid $1500 for the 3 of us to enjoy the week at Disney. After all….its where dreams come true.

Once our flights were booked, we told Cardin about our plans. We told her where we were staying and how there was a giant pirate ship in the pool and that we were going to have breakfast with the princesses.  I think I confused her when I mentioned those in succession as she asked me “princesses swim with me momma?” I couldn’t help buy stifle my laughter.

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