May Result in Suffocation

Posted by Christine on September 29, 2011 in Shopping |

With the cooler weather starting to touch down I cleaned out some of Cardin’s winter clothes that no longer fit her. Of course I no longer had any room in the numerous 18 gallon totes we have downstairs holding Cardin’s other baby clothes, so I headed off to Target.

I picked up a new tote and found this on the cover:


Just in case you thought that this 18 gallon tote would be a good place to store your baby; ya know….like they are dry goods. My guess is that the company that molds these plastic totes is trying to cover their arse from a lawsuit because at some point, some genius thought that this tote would be an OK place for a baby to hang out it. Likely unsupervised; with knives and chainsaws. Listen Lady, sometimes my words don’t even do these things justice.

I’m disappointed there is no picture depicting that an animal cannot be placed inside said tote or an alien; this seems very discriminatory.

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