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Posted by Christine on October 10, 2011 in Home, Kids |

About the time that Cardin started crawling we invested in a childproof gate to attach to the top of our basement stairs. The gate has a small pet door at the bottom so that ninja can still go downstairs, but not big enough that Cardin’s head will get stuck in there. The gate has worked wonders….up until about a week ago.

We were getting ready to leave and I was putting my sneakers on. Cardin was waiting, ever so patiently, at the gate so that we could all pile into the car. Apparently her patience waned as I turned around and discovered that she had figured out how to open the child proof lock on the gate. I stood there a little befuddled at first and I’m pretty sure my response was “WHOA BUDDY”. You see Internet, to open the childproof lock requires two hands and considerable strength. Listen Lady, most adults have a hard time figuring out how to open this lock. Apparently stealth eyes has biding her time to spring this new revelation on us.

This isn’t really that much of an issue during the day when we are awake as Cardin stomps around like an elephant and there isn’t much she can do without us hearing. The bigger concern is at night; now that she is sleeping in a regular bed and can freely get down and roam the house she has ample time to get over to the gate and open it before we can stop her.

We promptly made a trip to home depot to look for an alternative solution so that muscles cannot open the gate and fall down the stairs. We found another type of lock that is really intended for a cupboard or even fridge doors. Each side is tethered to a handle and then they meet in the middle to lock. This new lock is a doozy too, if she manages to open this then we are signing her up for mensa.

I installed the childproof lock onto the childproof gate and we now have double the fun in going downstairs or outside.

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