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Posted by Christine on October 11, 2011 in Kids |

This past weekend I took Cardin to Grow Moore Farms as they have a slew of Fall activities geared towards kids. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon, warm and sunny, and the kid was in her glory with all the activities that she could do for a meager 10 bucks. They have hay rides, a haunted house, mini golf, crafts, mazes….the list goes on.

She was hot to go straight to the tractor ride when we arrived, but I distracted her with some other activities while it came back from its last pull.  She hit up a straw maze and made it through with a lot of coaxing and sideline interference.

As soon as she was out of the straw maze she made a beeline for the giant sandbox and small playground.

Luckily the tractor had returned by this point so Cardin could stop going apeshit over its location and we could go for the first of many tractor rides.

Since it had rained for nearly a week before the grass that the tractor was being pulled over was pretty muddy and as we went over the pile Cardin screamed out “WHOA…POOP.” Listen Lady my child is obsessed with this body function and you think that would assist in the potty training area, but you’d be wrong.

After a few tractor rides we were able to depart this area and hit up the haunted house and the duck races. Cardin attempted the trike race  but her legs are a little too short for their trikes. It attempt to help her, I was pushing her along, but almost got plowed over by some older kids. LISTEN LADY, you kids need driving lessons before taking to the road….I’m a pedestrian. We ended our afternoon with a painting party. I’m pretty sure painting the pumpkin was tops on Cardin’s list. She managed to cover every square inch of the pumpkin. I was even required to lift up the pumpkin so she could do the underside.

We ended up having lunch at the farm. They had a section of picnic tables and up front was a small stage. Someone was playing children’s songs and after each song Cardin would look at me and say “What’s next momma?” At one point I responded “Lady Gaga’s Born this Way”. She took that under advisement and after several minutes told me “No Way!”

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