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Cardin’s favorite saying lately is “I NEEEEED TO”; as though whatever item she desires, the need is in complete and pure desperation. Her inflection implies that she will fall over and die immediately if her every whim is not satisfied. The majority of the time she doesn’t really need these things, she just wants them….clearly we have some work to do on differences.

From the moment she gets up until she finally crashes, she is always citing that she NEEEEEEDS something. “I neeeeeed to watch TV” or “I neeeeeeed to play downstairs”. The best part is that when she is angry or upset she tells us “I neeeeed to yell momma”.  You neeeeed a chill pill woman.

This afternoon, when I called my mom to see how Cardin was, I heard the midget running around in the backgound like a wild boar. A few moments later I heard a crash and my mom go “Cardin what are you doing in my cupboard”.  Apparently my kid had decided to start shoving some of her toys in the kitchen cabinets containing fragile/breakable items and her only response was “I NEEEEEEED TO”.

Listen Lady, momma neeeeeeds a drink in order to deal with all your needs. Hopefully she outgrows this phase quickly.

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