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Posted by Christine on November 17, 2011 in Animals, Kids |

We put Cardin to bed last night about 9:30. I’d like to note that when I put her in bed then she was fully clothed but rather rambunctious. She is usually pretty good about putting herself to sleep without much assistance now; though she will read her buddies a book or talk to herself for a few minutes before she finally gives in to sleep. I help set the mood by turning on some soft music and dimming the lights. Let’s just say that she is going to be super prepared when some boy tries to put the moves on her.

After 20 minutes of discussion with her buddies, she called for me. From the other room I told her it was time for bed. This seemed to satisfy her, but another 30 minutes went by and she was still talking away. By this time Brett and I decided to head to bed, so I went in her room to check on her.

Listen Lady, I found her totally nude. NAKED. Sprawled out on her bed, having a full on conversation with her stuffed animals. Uncool kid.

I inquired about why she had disrobed and her only response was “I NEEED TO”. I informed her that jammies were required for sleeping and that she would freeze otherwise. Reluctantly, she let me redress her.

I got her settled into bed again, however, she’d only agree to lay down if I got her three specific stuffed animals….

         one’s that sing….

                  and not soft lullabies….

                           Christmas music…..

To be more precise, they are animated stuffed animals of Rudolph & Frosty the Snowman. She played them repeatedly for a good 15 minutes. All the while, Brett and I are trying to fall sleep, while “Rudolph the red nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose….” & “Frosty the snowman, was a very jolly soul…” played on repeat; simultaneously.

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