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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and as the holiday approaches, my mouth waters with the thought of the delicious food that we will feast on. It will be a slim party of near 50 this year. Most people can’t imagine finding a spot in their home for 50 people let alone serving dinner to that mass, but we’ve got it down to a good science. Everyone brings a dish to pass and we eat buffet style.

Thanksgiving ranks second on my list of holidays and its placement will never move as long as we have the famous meatball soup.  You inquire what I’m referencing oh Internet? Let me lead you on the path of enlightenment. Meatball soup, also known as Italian Wedding soup, is our family tradition on Thanksgiving. Made from a chicken base stock with veggies, fried noodles, and tiny Italian meatballs it is unrivaled by any other dish. In fact it’s so time consuming to actually prepare and cook that we only have this soup twice a year.

We fight over who will have the last spoonful, and if we come for just desert, we always ask if there is leftover soup. Listen Lady, most people outside my family can’t understand the draw of the soup. They taste it and think it’s good, but they don’t fully appreciate the labor of love that goes into each homemade piece of pasta or each individually rolled meatball. They don’t quite understand that beyond its delicious flavor is years of Italian blood that has carved out the meaning of family; the true reason to celebrate and be thankful.  

Of course we’ll still have turkey and all the fixings, but everyone comes for the soup. After dinner we feast on a wide array of deserts. This year I’m making pilgram cookie hats. Here is what they cookies are supposed to look like. I’m guessing mine won’t look quite as lovely.




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