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This past weekend, I went out to dinner with some friends. Cardin joined us for dinner and right on queue as our food arrived she puked. YIPPPEEEE. Good to know that we’re still experiencing the joys of her gag reflex 3 years later.

After I caught the majority of the puke in my hand (yep….you’ll do it too) I took Cardin to the bathroom to change her outfit. When I returned to the table some poor 16 year old sap was mopping up the remainder of the puke from the floor. I’m sure it made his shift very enjoyable.

We finished up our meal and then came back to hang out at our house. Wherein Cardin had been promised that she’d get a full manicure, compliments of my friend Michelle. We gathered the essentials and got Cardin situated so that she was fairly imobile.

Cardin selected a deep shade of purple and Michelle even drew flowers on both thumbs with a toothpick. It was getting pretty intense. Especially around the time that Michelle begin to manipulate my kid into a rowdy game of simon says by telling Cardin to “put your hand on your head” or “pat your head really fast”.

Inspired by her sudden creativity, Michelle asked Cardin whether mommy should also get a manicure. Normally I don’t wear any makeup or nail polish. I find it to be a waste of time and money. Not so for Cardin. She immediately piped in with an exaggerated “YEEEEEAAA”

I was given the prettiest set of polka dot nails any girl could ever dream of. Listen Lady, this is how deep my love is for my kid… I agreed to nail polish. AND DAYS LATER IT IS STILL ON MY FINGERS.


After we had finished our manicures, one of my nails wasn’t quite dry and I smudged one of the polka dots. Cardin now has to take role call of each one of my fingers, numerous times a day, and boisteriously points out the one nail that is messed up. The amount of OCD the child has already is unnerving.

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