Wake up Call

Posted by Christine on November 2, 2011 in Kids |

About 4 am this morning, I was sleeping on my stomach, with my face looking to the outside of the mattress when Cardin wandered into our room. I must have been in an extremely deep sleep as I usually hear her call or get down out of bed. Not so much this time.

In fact, her wake up call this time was much more blunt than usual. She stuck her face about 2 millimeters from mine and screamed “MOMMY” at the top of her lungs. I was so startled that I screamed “AHHHH” back at her. Which, I’m sure she did not enjoy for two reasons. A) it’s unpleasant to have someone scream in your face at any point. B) I had been sleeping so I’m sure my breath was pretty raunchy. 

I’m totally defending my reaction though; she nearly scared the piss out of me. You’d yell too lady. Not only did I scream, but I sorta jumped up onto all fours; in hindsight, this probably looked similar to a cats reaction when they are scared. Arched back and catching air.

I really have no clue as to why she woke up, perhaps she was dreaming. Listen Lady, I was so distraught after her abrupt wake up call that I couldn’t think straight to ask her what was wrong.  She laid with us for a little while before I brought her back to bed.

Just so you know Cardin, mommy loves you, but, I’m storing all these wake ups in my memory bank and I’m so getting even when you are a teenager.

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