A Dream Come True

Posted by Christine on December 9, 2011 in Kids |

We’ve been back from Disney for nearly a week and I’ve finally caught up on my giant to-do list both at the office and at home and I can give you the recap now lady!!!

We had an awesome time at Disney and were able to make a slew of great memories. There was of course the chocolate milk incident, walking into podiums, and the giggles of laughter that erupted when we rode Dumbo. By far, the best part of the trip was watching Cardin’s expression as she met each of the characters and all the princesses. I would have given a lot of money to be able to hear the thoughts running through her head the second she saw Mickey for the first time. I like to imagine it was something along the lines of “holy shit…you’re not just a mouse that lives inside my TV.”

Snow White is by far her favorite princess and before we left, I booked a breakfast with the princesses during our Epcot visit. When I made the reservation I inquired as to which princesses are at the breakfast and was told that it’s on a rotating shift so there is no guarantee that a specific princess with be present. Listen Lady, I was sweating bullets as we waited to be seated. Had Snow White not been present I was imagining a mass temper tantrum that would only be quelled with a sedative.

Each of the princesses would float throughout the restaurant and stop at your table to say hello, sign autograph books, and take pictures. Luck was with us and Snow White was in fact in attendance at the breakfast. Snow White stopped at our table and Cardin meekly said hello and handed over her autograph book; unsure of how to have an exchange with Snow White as Cardin was still grappling with her real live presence.

Snow White and Cardin lined up for a picture and then…..nothing. At the exact moment I needed a picture, in fact the most vital picture of our whole trip, my camera froze. Luckily, I whipped out my iphone and was able to snap a picture of the two before Snow White departed.

We met the rest of the princesses in attendance at breakfast that morning and left with all their autographs.

I’m glad that we were fortunate enough to provide this moment to her; it is certaintly a part of her childhood I will never forget. Cardin was able to live the dream for a little while and it made our whole trip worthwhile.

As we were leaving the restaurant, Cardin asked if the princesses could come back to our hotel and go swimming with us. I smiled and was all “if mommy had enough money then probably, but for now, they have to stay here and see the rest of their friends.” 




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