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Posted by Christine on December 19, 2011 in Family, food |

I don’t normally bake just for the whim of baking; typically there is a reason for my collision with flour and my desire to sniff vanilla extract. The upcoming holiday season is typically my most intensive baking season and whooo boy this past weekend was a cookie making extravaganza.

Each year my extended family gathers together and we bake cut out cookies; hundreds of cut out cookies to be exact. Approximately 30 bodies cram into my mom’s kitchen each December and attempt to topple last year’s record breaking cookie day number.

The whole production is like a well oiled machine now; we hardly bump into each other as we fly through the kitchen. There are two designated bodies who are full time rollers & cutters. One person mans the oven and helps with frosting preparation. One body mans the tables where cookies are cooled and counted. We have a runner who fills the table with cookies to be frosted and returns those that are in a complete state. The remainder of us frost and sprinkle our hearts out.

In total, all the cookies are cut, baked, cooled, & frosted in about 6 hours. We outdid ourselves this year with new record of 991 cutout cookies. Although disappointment ensued that we were just 9 cookies short of a grand; our ultimate goal.

After a few hours of continuous frosting, your brain starts to take on a glaze like effect…so we get creative. We’ve created entire scenes of spongebob squarepants, various animals have been carved out of cookies, and one year we made the pope-mobile. Listen Lady, there is no end to the creativity. 

For the most part, the real concern is attempting to make the cookie appear as though someone hasn’t blown sprinkle chunks all over it. This year however, my cousin’s girlfriend joined in the cookie making festivities and showed us all up. She spent delicate minutes on each cookie; making each one a hand crafted piece of art. I particularly enjoy her angel, however, my green tree with a yellow blob on top is pretty kick ass too!
















It’s a pretty awesome holiday tradition; one that hopefully continues to grow overtime as we introduce new frosters like Cardin. We laugh and talk, the time passing quickly; and each year I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have such a close knit family.

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