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Posted by Christine on December 16, 2011 in People |

Each year, a week or so before Christmas, the town suits up one of their firetrucks with Christmas lights and sends it out to troll the local neighborhoods and entice children out with candy canes. Santa sits on top of the firetruck and waves to the kids as the fireman trudge onward to appease the crowds with candy.

This year we told Cardin that Santa was going to come visit her on a firetruck and her immediate question was “will he get down?” The barrage of questions concerning his proximity to her body continued for a good day and a half. She was cool with this firetruck idea, as long as Kris Kringle kept his distance.

I’m not overly surprised at this fear of Santa. He creeps the shit out of me too. Listen Lady, who needs a belt that gigantic?? When we visit the mall I steer clear of the Santa house and I think Cardin has taken a liking to do the same.

I’m all for viewing the big jolly guy from a distance, but don’t get all up in my grill. Chances are you have bad breath and I’m not really into ingesting your fake white beard.


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