By the Balls

Posted by Christine on January 9, 2012 in customer service |

Brett and I have come to the realization that the cable & Internet company has up by the balls. Let me explain.

In January of 2010, we switched our Internet provider. This locked us in for a 12 month period at a price of $30. We chugged happily along this way until January of 2011, when our bill suddenly jumped to $50. Uncool internet company. So….we played the game.

First, I called the Internet provider only to be told there were no promotions for current customers. Then I asked to speak to the manager and was again told there were no promotions for current customers. They weren’t exactly selling me for future business. My last tactic was to take the modem down and go to one of their local offices. I threatened to cancel my Internet service and low and behold…..they had a promotion running for current customers. FANCY THAT. What excellent customer service you receive once you become a bitch.

We chugged happily along this way until about a week ago, when we got the notice that the bill was again jumping up to $50. Listen Lady, I played the game again. First with the phone calls and then even threatening to cancel at the local office. Except this time, my game didn’t work. The agent was steadfast in her refusal to help me out. Now, my cable contract is set to expire in April of 2012, meaning the bill will sky rocket yet again. Listen Lady, there is no love from this company.

In my quest to defy and outwit this company, I began a search for other Internet providers in the area. Except, there are only 2 providers that service Rochester; our current provider and one more. We looked into the other provider, but after all the fees, rental rates, and taxes they were no cheaper. Basically, the Rochester area seems to be taking it up the arse when it comes to Internet service.

Our options seem to be this:

1) bend over and take it
2) cancel our current provider for 60 days and then resume service as a new customer so we can get the $30 price again.

This issue is further complicated by the Tivo & Netflix streaming we subscribe too. Both require an Internet connection and have been pre-paid for 2012. Canceling the Internet then screws us in regards to Tivo & Netflix. Canceling for that time period wouldn’t be the end of the world, but then again, I wouldn’t be able to work from home, the Listen Lady Blog could suffer a detrimental blow to postings, and how on earth would I keep up with the Kardashians??

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