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Posted by Christine on January 5, 2012 in Kids |

Earlier this week we went for an ultrasound to check on the growth of Project Diego. Things are looking stellar and the baby is right on target at 19 weeks. Diego was extremely cooperative with the ultrasound technician and we found out that we were having a boy.

Unfortunately, Cardin seems to be getting the short end of the stick here. We are not having a girl or a chicken as she requested and the name Diego has been veto’d off the list of possibilities. Although, I must admit, it’d be pretty sweet to hit up one of his future baseball games or graduation ceremonies and scream Go, Diego, Go!!!

When we picked Cardin’s name, we had some pretty specific criteria. We avoided popular, common names as neither of us were keen on her being lost in a sea of classmates with the same name. We also were looking for a name of Irish, Celtic, or Scottish decent. Though strong drinking genes isn’t a bad thing, that wasn’t the driving factor behind our decision. Since Brett is adopted, he’s really not 100% sure of his descendants, but knows he is partly Irish and Scottish; hence the reddish hue to his ever declining hair. And of course, yours truly has 50% Irish blood coursing through her body. It seemed a natural choice to honor that heritage that we share.

The same held true as we searched for a boy’s name.  After some debate, we finally settled on Rory Micah Ferdinand Mayer. Though there is some disagreement over the middle name as it stands. Listen Lady, Ferdinand would never have been my choice for a middle name, but it’s been carried down within Brett’s family and he’d like to continue that tradition. Trust me, I’m not alone in thinking that plaguing this baby with Ferdinand is a terrible fate. There are no famous Ferdinand’s that you could rattle off if you were to just happenstance across the name. Go ahead….try.  

I reluctantly agreed upon such as long as we could precede it with the name Micah. And here is my rationalization:

 1) When I need to use my mothering voice and whip out the dreaded middle name, I can just yell RORY MICAH and I’m not forced to taste the bitterness of Ferdinand.

 2) If in the future, Rory ever decides he dislikes it as much as I, he can simply refuse to acknowledge its presence.

Cardin seemed OK with the name change and does pretty well with the pronunciation. The next step will be to tell the family; especially my grandmother. If her response is anything similar to what happened when we told her Cardin’s name I’m sure there will be a blog post.

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