Toe Jam

Posted by Christine on January 25, 2012 in Anatomy, Kids |

The other night, Cardin and I were playing with some dinosaurs. Suddenly, during the middle of playtime, she’s all “I need to check my toe jam momma”.  I’m not really sure how she comes up with these ideas while she plays; its as though they suddenly pop into her head. Maybe its the ADHD impacting her.


If you insist.

She proceeded to take off her socks and check her toe jam. I’m not really sure where she developed this habit. She claims she learned it from me, but I don’t routinely stop my activities to just pick out some toe jam. I like to believe she isn’t mimicking me on this one, but I do have a pretty strong hatred for socks that have a seam right at the toes. WHY WOULD YOU SEW A SOCK IN THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PLACE???? I will remove shoes numerous time just to position a sock correctly. Add it to my list of fetishes.

After she completed penance with her toes, she decided it was time to inspect mommy’s toes. She ripped off my socks and peeled my toes apart. Expect she didn’t stop pulling when she felt resistance, she’d just pull harder at that point.

Listen Lady, I thought my little toe had been pulled off at one point. Images started to swirl in my head of only having 9 toes. My balance is bad enough now, I fear the repercussions of what losing a toe may do.

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