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We’ve spent much of the past 3 or 4 days locked in the house as Cardin developed an ear infection and a bad head cold. This all started on Wednesday of last week, but by Thursday night she was running a fever and complaining that her ear hurt. Which was wonderful timing since we had bought tickets last Decemeber to attend Disney on Ice that Thursday night. Why wouldn’t it work out that way, Lady?

We made a quick detour to the peditrican’s office before going to the show and confirming the ear infection. They sent over a prescription to a 24 hour pharmacy, we loaded Cardin up on children’s tylenol, and we were on our way to skating bliss.

BUT….not before I packed a few essential items that I knew we would need. A towel, extra baby wipes, and a vomit bag. Without fail, during the second half of the show, Cardin started an uncontrollable coughing fit and left much of her dinner right at the arena. Luckily, the advanced training I’ve received in puke catching left me so confident, that I had stashed the vomit bag in the pocket of my hoodie for easy access. We’re talking Boy Scout motto to the millionth degree.

Listen Lady, this is what it has come down to; I now carry plastic bags around IN MY POCKET so as to catch puke. I went to college for pete’s sake. It was no Harvard or Yale, but we had our fair share of incidents and none of them ever required that I be so prepared as to carry around a plastic bag in my pocket.

The trend continued for the remainder of the weekend and we finally just started carrying a bucket from room to room. Cardin is finally starting to feel better now that she’s been on antibiotics for a few days and the fever is gone. Fingers crossed that no one else in the family gets her sickness

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