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Posted by Christine on February 17, 2012 in customer service |

I pay my bills online and religiously pay them on their exact due date; never early and never late. Why would I fork over my hard earned money early?  My paycheck never arrives early. Online payment has never been a problem until I started paying my student loan bill for graduate school. I’ve had nothing but difficulties with this financial institution. 

Listen Lady, without a doubt, this is how it goes EVERY MONTH:
  1) The 16th of the month rolls around and I make my loan payment. 

  2) On the 17th of every month, I get a call from the bank that my payment has not been made and my account is delinquent.

  3) I rattle off that I made the payment yesterday, on the DUE DATE.

  4) The bank informs me that it takes 3 days to process the payment made online. Perhaps for next month, I’d like to make the payment 3 days earlier to avoid a delinquent state.

  5) I laugh and hang up.

Today is the 17th, yesterday I made my loan payment and as expected, the bank called me this morning running their mouth that my account was in a delinquent state. Chalk it up to pregnancy hormones, cabin fever, or pure agitation…but I went ballistic.


I was all “I paid the bill on the due date, I should not be penalized because your system takes 3 days to process the payment”. The rep could provide no other solution than to make the payment early so my account wouldn’t be marked delinquent and I wouldn’t receive the monthly call. This wasn’t exactly satisfactory so I ended the call with an abrupt “I’m not paying 3 days in advance, so I’ll just expect these dumbass calls until the loan is paid off”.

I’ve decided that going forward, on the 17th, when I receive the phone call from the bank informing me of my delinquent state, I’m going to answer and shriek at the top of my lungs until I run out of breath.

I’m aware that this is not the mature route, but it is going to be a HELL of a lot more fun than listening to the same speech about delinquency.

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