Taking a Stand

Posted by Christine on February 7, 2012 in Home, Shopping |

About a year ago I bought a brand new 47 inch TV for Brett’s 30th birthday. It was fantastic, except for one minor problem….it didn’t fit in our TV stand. Since the TV stand was like a cabinet, with sides and a top, we were able to make some minor adjustments and just remove the top shelf. This worked for awhile while we paid off some other furniture and bills, but it would never suffice as a permanent resolution.

After a whole year of looking at this ghettoized TV stand, I finally threw in the towel and made the public decree that it was time to invest in a new one. This was a great idea, in theory. We spent a great deal of time looking online and checking out numerous furniture showrooms to find a stand that would 1) match the style of the living room 2) be fairly child friendly 3) not require that I cut out my left kidney to pay for it and 4) not be made of particle board.

Listen Lady, you would not believe how hard this was. Most of the TV stands being made now fit into 3 categories: dark wood, glass shelves, or particle board pieces of shit. Dark wood is out as I prefer a lighter, more natural tone. Add to that equation, two of my accident prone children running around and glass shelves are out of the question. And particle board….well…let’s be honest, you aren’t exactly paying for quality woodworking. 

As luck would have it, one of the local furniture showrooms was running a special over Superbowl weekend and we had acquired a 50% off coupon. We were able to find a 52 inch TV stand that met the requirements. After some major negotiation tactics, we haggled ourselves down to a really decent price. Brett measured the size of the TV stand and declared that it would fit in the back of his SUV so we were even able to avoid paying for a delivery charge.  

As we were pulling away from the furniture store, Brett casually mentioned that “even if I wasn’t pregnant, the new stand would be too heavy for me”.  OH CONTRAY BOY….I’VE GOT GUNS. Don’t doubt that I proceeded to give him a riveting muscular display right in the car.

Setup was fairly easy and we even have nice little drawers to store away movies and video games. The corners are rounded, which is a nice feature, since it will be one less boo-boo I need to kiss when Cardin or Rory crack their head on it. The best benefit though is that I no longer need to look at the ghetto TV stand; definitely worth every penny.

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