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Posted by Christine on March 5, 2012 in Family |

Last week we celebrated Brett’s 31st birthday. whoooaaaa Boy, remember when I chronicled his decent to 30. Hard to believe that was a year ago. The most glorious part is…..I’m still months away from hitting 30 myself. I will always relish being younger!!!!!!

There were no soiree’s out of the country this year, in fact we spent his birthday at my doctor’s office getting me a prescription for strep throat. SUPER FUN! Nevertheless, I got him a fancy new Keurig and we were able to go out for a date over the weekend….once I was less of a snotty, coughing hot mess.

Prior to his birthday, I had acquired some new baking pans of different sizes. When Brett saw the pans, he informed me that he wanted a tiered birthday cake. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Listen Lady, don’t taunt me with these requests because I will remember; even when they were made months in advance.

Not only did I dominate this tiered birthday cake request, I mixed the whole cake while in my stupor of sickness. Though my legal representatives have advised me to neither confirm or deny whether I sneezed directly into the cake mix.

Baking the cake was quite the process as each of the pans baked at different speeds/durations. There was a lot of maneuvering during the baking process to make sure that the batter was cooked through on all the pans.

Cardin assisted me in frosting the cake. Meaning she wielded a knife and I dodged a few sharp jabs. The tiered effect came out perfect, minus the fact that I had no way to actually cover the cake because it was so tall. Two years in a row and I’ve up’d the ante on his cake. How will he ever compete?

I was able to save enough batter to make Cardin her own miniature cake. When she sat down to eat it, she proceeded to pick all of the frosting off and leave the entire piece of cake fully intact. Literally, the cake was still a perfect circle and appeared as though it had just come out of the oven. It was a proud moment… she already knows that chocolate solves all problems.

Happy 31st Birthday Brett.

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