Dressing Downfall

Posted by Christine on April 10, 2012 in Kids |

This past weekend we celebrated Easter with family and lots of food. Most kids get excited over the thought of an egg hunt or forthcoming chocolate, Cardin was more ecstatic about being able to wear a dress and fancy shoes. Only my child would desire a dress over chocolate. Clearly, I’ve not done a good job in explaining the role that chocolate will play in her life and the endorphin high she will get from ingesting it; maybe it’s time to bust out the powerpoint.  

Sunday morning at 6:30 am she sauntered into our room, and instead of asking to see if the Easter Bunny came, like other normal children, she asked if it was time to put on her “pretty dress and dancing shoes”. Listen Lady, momma needs to waddle herself to the bathroom and pee first before we discuss any piece of clothing.

Luckily, we were able to distract her for about 30 minutes with an egg hunt and searching for her hidden Easter basket before we had to revisit the whole dress scenario. Since I could not convince her otherwise, she got dressed BEFORE breakfast. This is always a major risk as my child has a tendency to vomit by simply swallowing air.

We had reservations for brunch at noon, and Cardin spent the remainder of the day dancing on any hard surface so that she could hear her heels click.

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