The Amnio

Posted by Christine on April 24, 2012 in Anatomy |

We are rounding the corner on having this baby and I cannot wait! The other day, I scheduled an amniocentesis for May 10th. Provided that the results of the amnio show that Rory’s lungs are out of their fish like state and strong enough to handle the toxins that seep out of Cardin’s butt, I will be induced immediately.

I will be 37 weeks and considered full term at the time of the amnio. Though it would be better to wait until 39 weeks to ensure lung maturity, the doctors are concerned with rupture of my spleen. It was recently measured at nearly 30 cm long. That’s just about a foot in length and it has become extremely sensitive to slightest pressure exerted by his growing body. A rupture of my spleen would be pretty catastrophic for both myself and Rory as I would bleed internally within minutes. Since I’m on heavy doses of narcotics, this also saves him 2 weeks of exposure to these drugs.

Listen Lady, I’m not fond of the idea of an amnio since there are some slight risks involved and ya know…..the whole idea of cramming a GIANT NEEDLE into my belly is not kosher. I’m forcing Brett to watch this procedure so he can get the gist of the pain. My doctor has ensured me this is the best recommendation for both Rory and myself.

There is a chance that his lungs will not be mature enough, in which case we’d have to wait another week. I’m not considering that a viable option at this point because I’m past the point of discomfort and I will extract him myself if need be. With any luck, we’ll be a family of four by May 11th and I’ll be celebrating Mothers Day by feasting on hospital food.

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