Bust out the Bubbly

Posted by Christine on May 31, 2012 in Kids |

It’s Rory’s 2 week birthday today. We’re celebrating royal wedding style!! Perhaps the cake and champagne is a little preemptive? It’s already hard to believe that our little family has changed so dramatically in just two short weeks, but Rory seems to have slipped right into our routine with ease.

Cardin is (mostly) in love with being a big sister and a helper. She (usually) runs to grab a pacifier when he is crying or sings him “winkle winkle little star” in an effort to calm him. She’s shown only small bouts of jealously here and there, but I’ve made every effort to keep her routine and mommy-specific items the same (ie. bath time, bedtime).

Brett has gone back to work; throwing more normalcy into our daily routine as we are all rising and beginning the day together.  It’s nice to have time together with Cardin and Rory, but I’m glad to have Brett home at night for some sanity. We’ve come a long way since first bringing home Cardin and fumbling through those first few sleepless nights of endless screaming and jaundice issues.

Things certainly seem MUCH easier this time around. Perhaps Rory is less fussy (YES, PLEASE!!) He sleeps more soundly and for longer lengths of time than Cardin ever did; this makes for a much more rested and refreshed mommy and daddy.  Perhaps things seem easier this time around because we are more experienced and can easily identify a gassy cry vs. a FEED ME NOW, BITCH cry.

Either way, we’ll take the laid back lifestyle that Rory brings to the family.

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