Rewind 365 days

Posted by Christine on May 25, 2012 in Family |

Rewind 365 days ago and our family of three was taking a long weekend trip to Columbus, Ohio. We took Cardin to the Columbus zoo and a children’s museum while in town for the holiday weekend. As short of a trip as this was, it will be a weekend I shall never forget.

It was on this fateful trip where Cardin threw up in her car seat and the only logical solution I could contrive for attempting to clean the molded plastic seat was to place it in the tub, in our hotel room, and shower it off. For those that don’t remember, I’ve so eloquently detailed the saga here.

Listen lady, we survived the ordeal and it’s a source of laughter now. A year later and we are now a family of four. Quite the change for us as we adjust to another little one who requires so much attention and deserves so much love Plus, there is the added bonus that the Ohio authorities have not sought us out for toxic dumping. Score.

ps…I’ll update soon with more on Rory’s arrival

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