Survival Skills Challenge

Posted by Christine on August 17, 2012 in Family, Kids |

Others often ask how things are going with two kids wreaking havoc throughout the house. It’s a funny question if you were to consider it, because would it really be socially acceptable to give anything but a positive response?

Imagine the looks I’d get if I was all, “Things are a bit of a struggle right now. The baby has a full blown milk allergy; poops like a rocket. And the 3 year old, well she just decided to go all navy seal with a package of mommy’s tampons and use them in Gatling gun fashion to launch a full scale war against the cat. Otherwise, life with two kids is sunshine and peaches.”

I would describe parenting a newborn as a challenge to your basic survival needs; a fight between sleep and hunger. It’s amazing how little sleep your body can actually function on. You would never believe that one little human would require SO much attention and care and yet you’ll find yourself exhausted and starving nearly every night. The day will fly by, in a blur of diapers and onesie changes and you’ll have forgotten to eat.

This is where your basic survival skills will kick in. The baby will have finally settled down to sleep and in your head you’ll be calculating exactly how long you’ll have before he or she rousts you with screams to eat. Showering has long been crossed off  your list of necessary activities so you must decide, is it more important to spend 20 minutes eating or get 20 more minutes of sleep?

Not to worry new mommies and daddies, things do get better. The sleepless nights end. You quickly figure out how to manage a 3 minute shower. And eating…..well forget about eating. Cardin is going on 4 and I still don’t eat a hot meal.  Listen Lady, I wouldn’t trade things for the world.  It’s a whirlwind to have both parents work full time, raise a family, and keep up a house. But it’s a journey we all get to ride together and I’m glad that our friends and family are here to share it with us and lend a hand.

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