T minus 100

Posted by Christine on August 21, 2012 in sports |

The countdown is on Lady. We are T minus 100 days until the big 3-0. Fear not, I have an app that alerts me to this situation.


I was having a really difficult time selecting how I wanted to ring in the dirty thirty. I really wanted to rent a private suite at the Bills/Miami game and invite family and friends until Brett got the price. Listen Lady, the suites start at $8k….without food. I don’t think so. We tossed around the idea of a wine/brewery tour or a ski trip since I’ve never done either. It was slim picking since the weather is a hard predictor for the end of November.

I’m happy to report that Brett has come through with my first choice; slightly modified. Instead of a private suite, we are sitting in the M&T Bank Club which provides guests with a comfortable, climate controlled environment including a complimentary full buffet and a (top-shelf) open bar throughout the entire game. WOOT WOOT!!!

Neither of us has ever been to a night game. I’m even more excited to sit inside and enjoy the game without freezing my arse off while enjoying my top shelf Vodka Seven. Hopefully all the alcohol will make the sting of 30 a little more bearable.

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