The Inn is FULL

Posted by Christine on August 10, 2012 in Kids |

Listen Lady, the Inn is FULL. All the bedrooms in the house are occupied and it’s a strange feeling; especially looking back 6 years ago to when we bought the house and the rooms echoed from the lack of furniture. There is no longer any silence on Bambi lane.

This week we decided to move Rory into his crib to sleep at night. He had been sleeping in our room, next to our bed each night. However, now that he’s been sleeping through the night for nearly 3 weeks, it’s really not necessary to have him next to us.

Brett asked me if I’d have a hard time with moving him; my little baby, who seems to be growing my leaps and bounds each day. I do miss being able to peak over the edge of the pack and play, checking to make sure he is still breathing. Though I think I was more distressed over the fact that we needed to move the baby monitor out of Cardin’s room so we could put it up for Rory.

Cardin, by no need means requires use of a baby monitor, her voice is mighty loud enough to be heard outside the house without amplification. I realize I’m being way over protective by listening to both my children breath while they sleep. You have a kid and you’ll understand. I occasionally also poke them to see if they move. I figure this is also payback for the kicks they used to deliver to my spleen in utero.

Even now, when I hear Rory on the baby monitor I have to stop and say to myself “Dude, that’s not the girl…that’s the boy.” I’m so used to hearing her shrieking voice that I need to reacquaint myself with the sounds of soft baby cooing.

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