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Listen lady, you’ve probably noticed that I was a little absent last week from blogging. Since the insurance company hasn’t spent enough money already, i decided it was time to spend the majority of the week in the hospital. I know, you’re jealous. You see lady, my spleen has gotten significantly worse, both in size and pain.

I had to start taking pain killers again just to get through the day. Even then, the Percocet wasn’t always cutting it. I avoided going to the emergency room over the weekend, figuring all the crazy people who shoot each other and the ones who turn into werewolves go Saturday nights.

I tried to suck it up into Monday morning
and get an appointment with my primary care but the pain was beginning to radiate in my back and also up into my left shoulder.

I finally threw in the towel. Then we sat in the emergency waiting room for 12 hours. TWELVE. Thats almost 3 combined days of sleep for me people. Luckily, I had brought my lunch, so between Brett and myself, we rationed off the little food we had to keep us alive.

They finally admitted me after running some blood work and sending me for an ultrasound. They measured my spleen at 24 centimeters or about 9.5 inches; so basically somebodies foot.

I spent the next 4 days in the hospital, getting my pain under control, going for a handful more tests, figuring out a surgical plan to remove both my spleen and gallbladder.

In prep for this surgery, I was to receive a number of vaccines. I was discharged on Thursday afternoon, but by late that evening I started with chills, aches, and a high fever. I took some Tylenol and hoped that I’d feel better in the morning. Unfortunately, my luck took a turn for the worse. My fever continued to go up and we ended up taking an ambulance ride back to emergency as I was nearing passing out.

I was re-admitted on Friday night with a severe skin infection where the vaccines had been injected. AWESOME. These injections were supposed to be preventative of infection, not induce infection.

I’m still currently in the hospital; I anticipate being here up until I have the surgery. I’ve been on heavy doses of IV antibiotic drips and they seem to be helping to reduce my white blood cell count. My fever has come way down and my pain is still being managed.

So, lady. I’ll update as I can. Hopefully they will all be positive updates from here on out and my track record will improve. Until then….

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