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Posted by Christine on September 17, 2012 in Uncategorized |

I came to the conclusion this weekend that Cardin is a miniature version of myself. There are numerous reasons we are so similar in nature. Here are just a few….

1) We both stare blankly into space and our eyes glaze over. Brett calls this our zone face. It’s an important defense mechanism that allows us to encourage our others senses to take over.

2) We both love to people watch. This is exceptionally more fun with Cardin because she is only 3 and we can get away with WAY more socially unacceptable phrases. For example,
“that man’s head is flat” or “that boy has a booger hanging out his nose”.

3) We both fart in exactly the same way. Not only in sound and smell, but we have the exact same body movement during the actual act!

4) We both get sick constantly while attending school. Cardin attended 2 days of preschool and already was running a fever and fighting a head cold. This was exactly how I was during my school years. I was like a vacuum for germs and it seems as though my oldest child has joined me on that front as well.

Listen lady, I’m a wealth of information. Look at all that I have to offer. Just imagine how things will be once Rory starts being a little more active. There will be multiple copies of my ridiculousness running around!!! Muhahahahaha.

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