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Posted by Christine on September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized |

This morning was the official meeting with the surgeon to get the declaration on whether or not we can proceed forward with surgery next Tuesday. It seemed to be the end all be all appointment we’ve been waiting for. Even my disability claim was waiting on on this appointment.

Rightfully so, the surgeon is my only blockade to healing right now. Since this surgery is all considered elective, that is, my spleen hasn’t ruptured so it’s not an immediate life threat, he is allowed to pick and choose when he operates. As such, he refuses to do so when conditions are not ideal; for example, I have an infection or my blood count is so low I need a transfusion.

Unfortunately for me, these both seem to be viable options right now. So….here is the deal. My name has been left on the surgical list for next tuesday, in the interim, if I continue to run a fever or I continue with a persistent cough that could be an upper respiratory infection then I’m being yanked. I need to call the office on Monday and update them to my condition.

Listen lady, the weekend will be my determinatior. I’ll be partaking in every humidifier, Nettie pot, and gallon of orange juice I can get my hands on.
In the meantime, think positive healing thoughts!!

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