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In the past month, I’ve visited our pediatricians office on weekly basis. Whether for Rory or Cardin, I’m racking up the sick child visits.

Since Cardin started pre-school she has been a constant germ factory. We have had her on antibiotics and children’s Motrin, but her nose is like a leaky faucet. AND THE MISERY!!!! Kathy Bates would be jealous.

Listen lady, after weeks of Cardin not feeling well, not sleeping well, not eating well, coughing, and having meltdowns over….oh…everything, I was ready to cry! Back to the doctor we went.

The doctor believes she has a sinus infection, but luckily all the congestion hasn’t settled into bronchitis…yet. He prescribed a 5 day course of erythromycin and also an ointment that should be applied 3 times a day inside her nostrils.


Anybody familiar with my daughter knows that you don’t get anywhere near her face or neck without being fully prepared to catch puke. One of her finer qualities. And now the doctor was asking me to put ointment up her nose to help ease the congestion. Not just once a day, but three times a day!!

Geez doc, the first needle you shoved in my eye wasn’t agonizing enough, please, let’s rinse and repeat twice more.

There is really no rational way to explain to a three year old that you need to shove ointment up their nostril to help them feel better and they can’t flail their hands to stop you or wipe their nose afterwards. Sometimes kids are like terrorists; compromise is not an option.
Hopefully one day she will understand.

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