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Earlier this week we picked up Rory’s new helmet that was molded to help shape his head and correct the flatness we are seeing. Here is Mr. Chubby
Cheeks with his helmet


Since the helmet is new, there is a break-in schedule that allows him to get used to wearing it. The first day he wore it for an hour, the next day two hours, the following day four hours….
This pattern continues until he is wearing it 23 hours a day.

Listen lady, day one was pretty rough. He was not a happy camper when the helmet was on and he moaned for the WHOLE hour. He is doing much better now with wear and has become much more acquainted with the helmet.

However, he still hates when you put the helmet on or take it off. For this I can’t blame him. The material of the helmet allows us to stretch it, but only so far. Once we get the helmet on his head we have to adjust it slightly….this is not kosher with him.

I’ve talked to a bunch of other moms who have all said the exact same things and assured me that as time goes on both of us will adjust to the helmet. Leatherhead or not he is still my super smiley boy.

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