Dirty thirty

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I’ve been off the grid for so long. Perhaps part of me was subconsciously hoping that by avoiding the virtual world, I’d be able to avoid the reality of my impending birthday. Alas, it’s not true. The dirty thirty landed and brought along a slew of great new memories.

Take a knee and I’ll recap. As my grand shindig birthday gift, Brett bought me club box seats to the Buffalo Bills/Miami Dolphins game.

Looks like a marriage that will last, right? the confrontation keeps us going folks. It was a shitty game, and not just because the dolphins lost, because both offenses suck. Nevertheless, the kids stayed overnight with my parents and we enjoyed a heated suite with full buffet and open bar. Listen lady, what this translates to is “no pukey”.

To celebrate in full “Crazy McG” style, a group of my nearest and dearest took me to dinner this past weekend at the crab shack. And this happened…..

Let’s just say that I have yet to inform Brett that I may have crabs. Based on the number of people who have worn this outfit, I may actually HAVE crabs.

The shenanigans continued to some local establishments where we encountered these neti pot shot glasses. Amazing, right?

Listen lady, I used my iron fist to demand that we have lemon drops out of them. Since our bartender was a pushover this wasn’t a hard task.
The netti pot shot is particular in that you must take the shot from the long spout, unfortunately not all members of our party were privy to this information and instead just dumped the shot on their shirts. Cheers prom date!

We partied until the early morning and grabbed a slice of pizza on the way home. Who doesn’t love pizza and beer?

I left some epic voice mails for friends who were not able to join us. And for my 40th I’ve requested rin gtoss and a scratch off (which is the crappiest gift ever, but I was unmoved by all requests to change). All in all, a successful 30th birthday complete with friends and family. Here’s to another 30!!

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