Mommy & Me Night

Posted by Christine on December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Last night I ventured into preschool with Cardin for Mommy & Me night. We got to do a craft, play with some toys, paint and enjoy some time in her classroom together.

Each student had made a surprise craft for their mom; a paper Christmas light that they had painted. Mine, of course, was blue with about 10,000 pounds of glitter. On the back the kids each wrote one reason why they loved their mom. Cardin decided she loved mommy because I play bingo with her. Bingo and Zingo are all the rage at our house as of late and she beats me more often than not.

Some of the reasons were pretty stupendous. Take for instance, the boy who loves his mom “because she makes him food so he doesn’t starve” or the girl who loves mommy “because she blows the hot off her Mac and cheese”.

Listen lady, these are the moments that make it worthwhile. The ones where mommy gets a gleam in her eye because she knows how awesome her kids are. Made extra special knowing that I get to keep this memory, captured forever.

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