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Great news listen lady fans!!!! Rory is officially helmet free. He went for his final helmet fitting today and the orthotist gave us the all clear.

Though it seems like its been a long road, it’s really only been about 12 weeks. We had a rough start, what with blister nation and all, but Rory pulled through like a champ.

It’s been amazing to see the progress on the shape of his dome and how quickly the helmet made an impact in readjusting his tiny cranium. What was equally impressive was watching him grow out of the helmet. When he got fitted, the notch that is cut out of his helmet for his ear touched the top of his ear lobe. Now, that very same notch is almost an inch above his earlobe.

When we started, the difference between one side of his noggin’ and the other was 17 millimeters. That seems pretty insignificant overall, but consider that measurement on a orange. Scale it down and it’s a lot more noticeable.

Today, Rory is down to a difference of just 6 millimeters. Since nobody gets to lay claim to the perfectly shaped head….that means you lady…. the average standard deviation is considered to be 3 millimeters. Look at me, whipping out the statistical analysis shit!!! Given where he started, I would say that Rory made considerable progress before outgrowing his helmet.

I’m most excited to be able to spike Rory’s hair and Brett is looking forward to not getting a helmet to the face every night.

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