Lucky number ’13

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2013 is upon us and it’s time to set some resolutions bitches!!!

To clear up some confusion, here is one resolution I’m not partaking in:I will not be exercising. Listen lady, this is not my style and while I should make the time and effort for my health, lets be realistic. I’m not running a race unless a clown is chasing me with a knife and Ryan Gosling is waiting at the finish line, shirtless, to serve me a margarita.

Drumroll please. Here they are, my resolutions for 2013.

1) I’d like to take more pictures. Of everything, but mostly my kids. In recent months I feel like I’m only pulling out the camera for holidays or special events. Cardin is already four and I feel like that time has flown, I want to make sure I’m capturing these memories; especially the embarrassing ones.

2) I want to go out on more dates with my husband. Let’s face it, the majority of 2012 saw me of some sort of bed rest or hospitalization; one can only have so many movie nights before they go stark raving mad. It’s time to let the 30-something’s out for their early bird meals.

3) Lastly, I’d like to go a year without having multiple organs removed. Since I still haven’t gained all the feeling back from underneath my incision, I’d like to avoid being a repeat organ donor this year and being the sole reason that the health insurance is switched to a high deductible plan.

I’d also like to win the lottery, but we’ll just put that in the “unlikely to achieve” column immediately.

To be honest, I’m excited and apprehensive about 2013.

My career is going great places, I just recently got a title change, but with it has come more work and time away from the kids. Rory will turn one in just a few short months and before we know it he’ll be walking. Cardin will finish preschool and it frightens me how much of my sarcasm has worn off on her.

Here is hoping for only good things in lucky number ’13.

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