Mini King Kong

Posted by Christine on January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized |

Listen lady, remember when I told you Rory had started rolling. We were so excited. He was so close for so long and throwing the extra weight of the helmet didn’t help. Now, he is a machine; sailing a course of destruction.

Rory’s helmet is made out of a firm styrofoam like material on the inside. On the outside though, it’s a hard plastic casing, and it can withstand a good beat down. We know this because Rory has become a mini King Kong.

The boy has no boundaries and will roll with wild abandon. He crushes toys and bulldozes through any object unfortunate enough to cross the path of his helmet. You can imagine the loud “thwack” sound it makes when it comes into contact with toys, the floor, or one of our faces. Listen lady, Stan Lee would be impressed with the “POW” and “BAM” graphic bubbles that pop up every time Rory’s head slams down.

Since he is nearly done with wearing his helmet (yay), he has a surprise coming for him the first few times he tries to roll through some blocks and is all “WTF…my head!!!”

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