Parent Teacher Conference

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Today, we are scheduled to meet Cardin’s preschool teacher for a parent teacher conference. Listen lady, that whole sentence makes me feel as though I have a job, mortgage, and 2 kids. %*$? me.

The intent is to help decide on enrollment for next school year and get the recommendation of the teacher. Right now, we plan to do another year of preschool, but we must decide on which class to enroll Cardin in so she gets the most benefit. Kindergarten is not on the table.

One of the things we are most interested to know about is whether or not Cardin talks while she is at school. Kid doesn’t shut up at home, but we have noticed, that she seems to clam up when we enter preschool. If only our house had the same effect starting at 8 pm every night! Maybe preschool has a magically non talking sphere? We are particularly interested given her speech delay to know if her teachers can understand her.

I’m curious her interaction with her classmates as well. She has certainty gotten bolder and braver this past year. I can see it when we are around other children; she is no longer as timid and shy.

My mommy instinct tells me she is bored with many of the activities they ask her to do;like coloring. She can do an excellent job, when she wants to. However, when she is bored or not paying attention, and lets face it, she has my genes, she goes all Picasso on her projects.

I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little bit nervous. Last time I went to one of these things, I was in trouble…

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